A System For Home Automation

Nowadays, there are a lot of troubles that may happen in our houses but the home owners do not know how to detect these troubles, particularly when they go far from home. In fact, you can control every matter in your house with only your own mobile. You can observe everything in your house and control all the systems. This is very interesting, right?

However, to control your house, all the systems in your house have to be intelligent and interactive with your devices. In this article, I will introduce to you some systems that can be controlled when you are not at home.

  1. Devices for home automation

There are a large number of devices listed. But it is better to categorize them. Here, I will provide you with the easiest information to understand.

  • Lightening system

An intelligent lightening system is indispensable in each family. The lightening system consists of all the lamps and bulbs in your houses. There will have the data sent from your house to your mobile so that you can turn on or turn of the bulb of every position in your house.

When you are far away and you see that there is no on in your house but the lamps in the living room or the bedroom are still on then you can open your mobile and turn them off to save energy.

  • Entertaining system

An entertaining system comprises television, speakers, the STB and gaming machines and so one. These devices and machines will give you a lot of fun and increase your mental relaxation. However, a lot of people often let these devices open all the time and even when they are in the deep sleep.

This will lead to the waste of power and money for the family. That is why we need a controlling device to set time or turn off some machines. Of course, there are not full of modes for controlling but we still can get the control over the devices in our way.

  • Network system

The network system has the computer and the wireless system. The wireless system can send us email with full data of what is happening with it. You will be able prevent your children from playing online game in their free time or watching films throughout the night.

More interestingly, we could receive the images recoded through our mobile. It is very easy to alarm us of abnormal things.

  • Air monitoring system

The air conditioner or air controlling machine will be controlled very effectively. The purpose of using a smartphone with the link to every device in the house is to save power and keep the durability of all the things.

The air conditioner will work more effectively on the grounds that it is only turned on when you agree to turn.

  • Security system

The security system for home consists of the security camera, security alarm and all the protective devices in your house. When there is any alarm, your mobile will also receive the information.

Surprisingly, if your house is intruded into and you see that in your mobile, you can talk something to inform your family members of this to avoid the unexpected results.

  • Appliances

The appliances such as washing machine, fridge or so one can be connected with your mobile to be controlled. The home automation will allow you to see how those appliances work.

  1. The requirements to set the home automation system

As said above, there must have a connection system for all devices and the mobile phone. The controlling system must be set up effectively. The wireless connection is also the necessary condition that allows your mobile to connect other appliances in your house.

In addition to this, all appliances and all the devices should be the latest model that has interactions with other smart devices like mobile phones and laptops. If we do not have enough money to equip all such modern machines, we could only equip some of them. The lightening and security system should be smart enough and should be equipped with effective software to transmit the data from and to the mobile phone.

More noticeably, the mobile phone should have large screen so that you can see your home and control it easily. It should be of the latest smart devices with high tech integrated.

In conclusion, it sounds very interesting when you can turn on the light or turn it off through your mobile. This will bring you with more fun if you want to play some tricks with your children. However, the most important thing is that you can control all corners in your house and all the devices you have. This also helps you to keep security for your home all the time when you are far away.