Do Cleaning Your Houses With Modern Machines

Every day, we all have to clean our houses in order to create a spacy and pure environment. However, it will be difficult for us to clean all the house without an intelligent plan. The cleaning also requires tools and machines. In this article, I will give you tips to clean the house with machines.

  1. All rooms to clean

Cleaning different corners or different rooms need different strategies. Here are some rooms you will have to clean more often.

  • The living room

The living room is often equipped with a sofa set which can be the home to your pets. Thus, it may absorb a lot of feather of the pets. The feather is often stuck to the sofa and it is difficult to get all the feather out.

If you want to remove the feather, it is better to wear a pair of gloves then surf your hands on the surface of the sofa. Woolen gloves allow you to get the feather quickly. Or better, you can use the vacuum cleaner.

The carpet on the floor is quite dirty and difficult for us to wash. However, we can take advantage of the vacuuming machine to remove all the dirt and smell on the carpet.

Nonetheless, if you do not use any vacuum cleaner, you can eliminate the dust and smell by using a wet cloth to cover the carpet and using a stick to hit the cloth. The wet cloth will absorb the dust and make the carpet cleaner. However, this way can only reduce partially the amount of dust.

  • The kitchen

The kitchen has a lot of bowls, dishes that need to be washed after eating, the food and waste of food, the residue after every meal and the bad smell generated during cooking.

If we do not have any solution to clean the kitchen, there will have a lot of discomfort and inconvenience for us when we come to the room to cook. Therefore, there are three tasks for us to clean the kitchen: collecting waste, removing the smell and washing dishes.

For removing the smell and collecting food waste, it will be more convenient to use a vacuum cleaner. However, sometimes, it is necessary to do it ourselves. We can collect the food waste then throw them; sweep all the dust with the brushes and use some oil of natural scents to remove all the bad smell in the kitchen.

About washing, we had better wash all the dishes, pots and pans after we cook and after we eat. Do not leave all the dishes on the sinks and wash them after a week. This will increase the bad smell in the room.

  • The bathroom

The bathroom seems to be clean all the time but it contains a lot of personal smell. Therefore, it is our duty to eliminate our personal smell after having a bath. In addition, the bathroom is the store of cosmetics and bathing gels so sometimes, it becomes a mess if you do not rearrange all the bottles in their right positions.

Besides, the bathroom is usually wet, which is the main reason why there appears mold in this room. Thus, after having a bath, we should dry the floor and wall with dry cloth or towel.

If you place a washing machine in the bathroom, it is better to put all the clothes in the machine and wash right away when it reaches the minimum level and number of clothes.

  1. Machines for cleaning

In fact, we can clean our houses without any machine but it will take a lot of time and we will feel very tired. Therefore, it should require some machines to easy the cleaning work. Here are some machines for you.

  • Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner will help you sweep all the dust and waste in the rooms listed above. We will not have to spare too much time and will reduce much effort.

  • Washing machine

Washing the clothes with hands is boring and irritating. When people are living in a modern life, they will not want to do chores and housework so a washing machine can be regarded as one of the most important things your house should have.