Best Tips For Choosing A Belt Sander

These days, DIY machines are very popular to our life as people want to control their own work at home. When it comes to equipping DIY machines, we cannot ignore the sander which helps us to smooth and polish wood materials very effectively. We have a lot of belt sander reviews through different sites and sometimes we do not know what to trust.

I am a DIYer and I have experienced this kind of sander at home. Even though you can search the internet for tips and tricks but it is better to put your trust in those who have much experience. In this article, I will share with you how I choose a good belt sander.


The belt sander is a DIY machine which runs on the basis of electricity supply. Its function is to sand the surfaces of wood materials. Even though it requires to be provided with electric power, we can still have a handy with rechargeable battery for more convenience.

There are a lot of sander types in the marker and in the next part,I will clarify with more details.

Square And Rectangular Sanders

With a handy sander, it is necessary to cut the sand paper with suitable sizes and shapes. The papers will be cramped to the machine. For buying these papers, we ought to buy with a large amount in order to reduce the expenditure.

For rectangular sander, this is the first design of this machine and has smaller sizes than the square sander. However, it seems to be quite heavier. By contrast, it is more convenient to use a square sander which does not make your hands tired.

To my experience, when using a sander, almost all users tend to use all the surface of the sander to smooth. However, in fact, the surface center will not be used too much as you often think. In particular, when you use a rectangular sander, the two edges have different length so it will cause a lot of discomfort for you. Nonetheless, all the edges of the square machine are all the same so it helps us work more flexibly.

An Orbit Sander

  • The orbit sander is the most flexible type and also the newest type in the market nowadays. The smoothing surface is round and has its own orbit so it increases the flexibility as well as the speed of sanding. Basically, the sander sole has an orbit so it will rotate to reduce the scratches on the wood material. If you use a square or a rectangular sander, the edges will scratch the wood surface so the material will not have a perfect face.
  • However, the rotating orbit sander in the market today has diverse designs so when you come to the store and ask about this machine, you will receive different instructions from different selling assistants. Even though all these orbit types are good in quality, you still had better get further information before buying.

Belt Sander

The belt sander has a really firm belt attached with the motor and has a pair of rotate tambour, making it the most powerful sander. However, this machine is the most appropriate for a professional wood worker who has a deep understanding about the operation of the machine and is able to take control over it in call cases.

I also buy this belt sander for working at home but I have a feeling that the knowledge and skills are not too excellent to take full advantage of a belt sander. Therefore, you need to consider more thoroughly if you have the intention to purchase this machine.

In reality, you may be confused of selecting a good sander on the grounds that they are called with different names in different stores. Therefore, it can be quite difficult to determine exactly what you need. However, if you pay more attention to the designs and structures of this machine, you will be able to describe it to let the seller know which you want to buy.

Notes For Buying A Sander

  • All the types of sanders above are suitable with distinct jobs. For example, the belt sander is suited to smooth the surface of wooden doors, tables or almost all the raw and rough surfaces as it has strong power of smoothing.
  • However, the angle sander is ideal for smoothing the narrow surfaces such as the legs of chairs, grooves and slits. These are some small differences you should know before you consider these types.


This is a needed machine for woodworking. If you have a workplace at home, you will have to take special notice of selecting the produce. I feel certain that the machine will satisfy your demands and hope the tips above helpful for you all.