Simple Tips For Choosing An Espresso Machine For Your Family

These days, people often make coffee by themselves and of course this requires a modern coffee machine which can take full responsibility of grinding coffee beans, boiling water and arousing the flavor. However, just some types of coffee are favored nowadays such as modern espresso flavor. For this reason, a number of families decide to buy the best home espresso machine for making their favorite coffee flavor.

I bought that machine last week to create new flavor for myself and I found it interesting to use it. In this article, I will give you some tips for choosing one item like this.

Some Types Of Professional Espresso Machines

In the market today, there are several types of espresso machine for different customers. Some most popular types are manual, automatic, semi – automatic and super – automatic espresso machine. Each type has different functions and they will be helpful for different kinds of customers. In this part, I will provide you with more details about these types.

  • Manual

The manual machine works on the basis of using the force from users’ hand pressing to create pressure to make the espresso coffee. This is one kind most favored in coffee shops in Italia and Europe.

  • Semi – Automatic And Automatic

Semi – automatic machine allows the barista to choose when to finish the coffee making process while the automatic machine is capable of estimating the time that profess finishes.

  • Super – Automatic

The super – automatic machine will carry out all the tasks with only one touch, including grinding, making coffee and removing all the residues. These types of machines are all professional and you can choose the one you like most.

In terms of espresso coffee maker, the size, capacity and the ability to keep the heat are the most important factors that you will have to care about if you want to find out a good machine.

Tips For Choosing The Machine

When it comes to choose an espresso coffee maker for our families, there are several elements we need to take notice of. All the factors will be analyzed in this part and as bellows.

  • Ability To Keep The Heat

When you select an espresso machine, you also should to take notice of the ability to keep the heat of the machine on the grounds that it will tell you know whether you can store the coffee made for a long time or not.

  • Group-Heads

You also need to pay more attention to the group – head of the machine. As usual, an espresso coffee maker should have 2 or 3 group – heads. With these group– heads, you can make a lot of coffee and that is enough for a coffee shop. If you only buy the machine for your family, you can choose an espresso machine which has 2 group– heads. That’s enough for your family demands.

  • Size

It is also advisable to take the size of the espresso machine into account. The size of the steam pot inside the machine tells you about the ability to supply steam and hot water of the machine. The espresso machine which has 1,2,3 and 4 group – heads will have 1.8 – 5 liter; 5 – 12 liter; 11 – 18 liter and 20 – 22 liter respectively.

The size of the coffee maker will have a strong impact on your making coffee. If you want to make an Americano cup, it will consume more energy, more steam and more hot water of the machine. Thus, it is better to consider whether you should use single or double shot.

  • Capacity

One of the most significant points when choosing to buy an espresso machine is that you need to apprehend the ability to operate and the capacity of the machine. For example, you have to know what will happen if you want to make 100 cups of coffee while the machine can only provide the capacity to make only 70 cups of espresso coffee. Therefore, you have to know how large the capacity of the machine is.

The capacity of the machine has a strong influence on the ability to recover of the machine. As usual, almost all the companies have lunch and have a noon break in a hurry. If you want to make an espresso coffee with more cream, you will need to use a coffee machine of large capacity. That machine should have 2 group– heads. The capacity is estimated around 4000 Walt.

Bottom Line

Nowadays, the espresso machine is not only used in coffee shops but also in family for home demand. With the consideration for brands, prices, capacity, design and durability, we will be able to select the most effective espresso coffee maker. I hope that the information in the article will help you choose a best suitable machine.