Simple Tips For You To Get A Suitable Embroidery Machine

For the apparel industry, they must have been too familiar with the product completed by embroidery machines. But, have you already known about the home embroidery machine? Today in this article, the author will show you a computerized embroidery machine, which is surely effective and beneficial for you.

  • Some Consideration When Purchasing The Embroidery Machine

The computerized embroidery machines are manufactured for large-scale, so it can cost quite high. You need to learn carefully before making a decision to purchase these embroidery machines.

The first thing you need to consider is that whether or not you have financial conditions,  to choose a suitable product for the money you have, and also in line with your business goals. The selection of embroidery machines needs to use priority issues, such as you buy a machine on the back very difficult to understand the principles of operation of the machine and how to use them. This will take a lot of your time. Therefore, you should choose the simple device of using.

  • The Kinds Of Embroidery Machine

The size of the computerized embroidery machine Tajima is also an issue you should consider, such as the required sample size large embroidery 5 x 7 hoop, then instead of selecting a 4 x 4 hoop, you should choose a larger size machine. You also need permission of copyright issues if in your products uses some famous brands (Gucci, Guess, Disney …)

  • A Side Computerized Embroidery Machine

Currently on the market, it appears a lot of products from vendors of computerized embroidery machines, including a head computerized embroidery machines. Typically, the users will tend to choose products more head computerized embroidery machines, much faster nose to serve for the production process. However, if you simply want to buy the embroidery machine to serve the interests or the smaller jobs, you should choose the product with one head instead more heads.

One head embroidery machines have more than 200 embroidery patterns, 17 font samples available, which are relatively large embroidery with the frame size of 180 x 300 mm, self-piercing equipment only and cutting mode only, automatic tension adjustment as you like, connect to your computer via USB, with 1050 embroidered noses speed / minute, easily combined with embroidery computer software. Also head embroidery machine 1 is equipped with super bright LEDs, which is suitable for those who want to use the machine for a long time.

  • How To Select Computerized Embroidery Machines

A big question faced by those operating in the embroidery industry in new or longtime beginners: Does it have anything selected by computer embroidery machine for the efficiency? A conventional embroidery machine product has a considerable value, which is the reason why you should consider carefully before choosing.

  • Embroidery Machine Is Simple To Use

The next is the limitation issue of tajima computerized embroidery machine, if you receive a contract, which requires large product sizes, eg 5x 7 hoop, however, your sewing machine can only reach the limit 4×4 hoop. Indeed, computerized embroidery machines with large hoop limits will be versatile than the ones with small range. You need to consider whether your budget is enough or not to choose any type of embroidery machines.

Finally, you need to make sure the characters embroidered on the embroidery machine, which must be fully licensed like the use of logo or famous brands such as Chanel, Dior, then the user should be allowed, if there will be provisions on piracy. Especially when you use a computerized embroidery machine means business scale, which is quite large, you are very much aware of this problem.

  • Sunstar Has Many Outstanding Advantages

Referring to the computerized embroidery machine, you can think of Brother PR-1000E, Tajima Model or Brother. There are many products embroidery machine maker like Sunstar such as  the product SUNSTAR SWF / GE – WE 920V – 55, SUNSTAR SWF / GE – WE 920V – 75, which is produced from quality assurance Korea. The products are warranted for up to 12 months, pretty good speed of 900 embroidered nose / min, 330 x 550 size and is embroidered with a needle 20. Because of its significant features, Sunstar’s computerized embroidery machines have been quite used by many companies.