How To Keep The Chainsaw Machine In Safety Use

There is no doubt that using the chainsaw machine has a lot of potential risk we may not foresee. Therefore, you must master the main manual and its use to avoid unwanted injury. With the best chainsaw machine, we cannot help mentioning the Husqvarna brands. In this article, the author will give some notes for you to control this dangerous machine even with the newcomers and professionals landscapers.

Husqvarna is a famous brand of Sweden, manufacturers of equipment and outdoor machinery currently the most popular on the market. The popular products in many countries include Husqvarna saws, Husqvarna lawn mowers, leaf blowers, mowers trimming fence, cutter branch higher, car mowing the driver, even the service after the sale is sure security, superior customer care. With that, Husqvarna is customer choice.

Husqvarna recommends to make adjustments on the carburetor, which was done only when you have used 10 times after refueling the machine is full. This ensures that the engine running-passing phase (roda). Husqvarna recommends that adjusting the carburettor can only be done by a certified technician of the company, but you can do it yourself and save some money.

Adjust carburetor to ensure accurate Husqvarna power tool for yours is high capacity, rapid acceleration, fuel economy, engine protection. When adjusting the carburettor, you should avoid cutting equipment such as blue and chains, do not let children come near. This is to avoid the risks of injury to them.

The Work To Be Done Before Adjustments

  • Clean fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs, check the fuel lines. Ensure these details and technical standards.
  • Spark plug electrode gap to 0.5 mm standard taken.
  • Let’s warm up approximately 10 to 15 minutes before adjusting.
  • Signs wrong carburetor adjustment criteria:

The machine will accelerate hesitated, poor acceleration.

If jet L (screw Throttle) is adjusted so poor, it can interfere at startup.

If jet H (adjustment screw wind) is adjusted so poor, it will reduce performance and damage the engine.

If both the L and H jets 2 are corresponding to the fuel mixture is too rich, then the speed will be obstacles or working speed will be too low.

Thus, we need to adjust the carburetor or carburetor right to protect your engine. This is very important, related to performance of the device. So we need to pay attention substrate calibration issues and the needs rational use.

Other Considerations

  • Compliance with the skills correctly when used saws to help your job safer and easier.
  • Make sure to use the protective equipment such as protective clothing, boots, hats with mesh masks, ear protection and gloves.
  • A lightweight saw handy will be highly recommended when you are not experienced.
  • Design and user-friendly machine, holding less vibration, less coal plant and balance characteristics are good even if you use the overtime. Really comfortable machine easy to use when there is low weight.
  • It protects effectively knocked backwards is love needs of most countries. Moreover, you should also pay attention to a few small details, eg easy to replace parts when it snapped the chain block and accessible control buttons.
  • Your Saws will be good to be maintained regularly by a professional mechanic.

Do Not Wear Gloves When Using The Chainsaw

There are many reasons but lost sense of touch is perhaps the most important, and when the loose grip can also lead to dangerous.

Wear Ear Protection And Appropriate Eye.

Eye care is protected from damage by objects thrown from the chainsaw and if there is a standard lens, you cannot work. In addition, ear protection is also a carpenter should start implementing and maintaining it. The hearing loss often no warning symptoms, it happens silently over your ears so do not be too late to regret before.

Wear Short

Remember to no tie and scooter or jewelry rid of the baggy clothes when you’re working with a chainsaw. Any items can always be cut and pull your blade before you have had time to react.

Above are some important tips for you when choosing this chainsaw machine. Please kindly master this manual before going to practical task.