Should We Choose To Buy A Pair Of Ear – Buds?

Ear – buds is one of the classical designs that have a quite long history in the industry of producing headphones. Ear – buds are displayed almost everywhere, particularly in the shops selling smartphones.

Choosing to buy the best earbuds under 50, you will see a lot of benefits. In this article, I will tell you why you should select a pair of ear – buds.

The Ear – buds And Its Sound – Proof Ability

The ear – buds are very small and convenient but the fact is that its sound – proof ability is not good. The reason is that the ear – buds shell is made of plastic (just a thin plastic shell).

In addition, there is no layer to prevent the sound from spreading outside. Therefore, the sound played will spread easily. However, this is not a bad point of using ear – buds. This feature makes it useful and suitable in quiet places.

If you want to listen to music in some noisy places such as in the city then you can choose to buy a pair of in – ear headphones. By contrast, a pair of ear – buds will be a great choice for you if you come to peaceful places.

The Comfort It Brings

It is said that ear – buds bring the most comfort to the users. It is simply because the users only need to put the cable on their ears. Compared with the in – ear headphones, the ear – buds are much more comfortable on the grounds that the former needs to be put deep in the ears.

In addition to this, with the in – ear headphones, the users cannot hear the noise outside and just hear the loud music sound, which easily causes tinnitus. Thus, the ear – buds are safer.

Ear – buds  Convenience

If you are a kind of person who often wears headphones when sleeping then you had better pick up a pair of ear – buds. Almost all the types of ear – buds have small designs, thin shells and can be put on the ears steadily. With ear – buds, you can change the side of sleeping comfortably without having any pain in your ears.

Compared with the in – ear headphones, the ear – buds help to reduce pain in ears. It is due to the fact that the in – ear headphones have rubber knobs which can get deep in your ears while you are sleeping.

Nowadays, even though there are a lot of in – ear headphones designed with thin knobs, it is still not as safe as using ear – buds.

Good For Your Ears

It is a task of challenge to tell what type of headphones is better for your ear health for the reason that it is dependent on the way you listen to music (kinds of music and the volume).

A number of people think that the ear – buds are safer because it has no knob, so it cannot get into your ears.

However, if you wear the ear – buds when you go out then it will be inconvenient since the noise from vehicles and machines will let in your ears while you are listening to the music at high volume. That will pose a threat to your ear health.

Therefore, it is advisable to check carefully before you buy a pair of ear – buds. The ear health is what you need to put first. In the market today, you can easily find out a pair of ear – buds with a large shell to reduce the noises around.

Safe When Your Drive

If you want to listen to music when you drive, you ought to select ear – buds. Even though listening to music when driving is not good as you will lose your concentration, the ear – buds will satisfy your demands for music and it’s still safe for you to focus on driving.

With the ear – buds, you can hear the sound around you, especially on the road, for example the whistles of other vehicles.


The ear – buds are useful and bring a lot of convenience for the users. From the benefits we list above, we think that it is necessary for each individual to buy them good ear – buds. If you are still wondering or having some problems, don’t hesitate to tell us. In the next article, we will tell you more about how to use ear – buds properly.