About Me

Hi guys,

I’m Daniel from California. I have just graduated from California State University, Faculty of mechanism with a fair degree. In the past, I once dreamt to become a professional mechanic who knew to repair all the furniture and all the appliances in the house, like my father. That was the reason why I chose the mechanism faculty of the University of California. Nonetheless, I was not much interested in the theory in the class. Sometimes, I found the lectures so boring that I could sleep throughout several lessons.

My perspective has changed since my class took part in a contest for the future mechanism. In the contest, all the teams had to think of solutions to repair the television and some wood furniture in the old house. I was surprised when our team won the first prize. Since then, I started to study harder and focused more on my fields.

I have also taken part in several kinds of jobs that are related to my specialized fields. Up to the present, I have accumulated experiences and tips for working with household tools. In addition to this, I have learnt a lot from my friends about decorating the house. This is the time that I treasure.

Thus, I have thought of creating my own site to share with people about such experience. My families and my colleagues have encouraged and stimulated me a lot so I decide to open this site.

In this site, I will share with you both theory and practical experience in activities that are relevant to improving our homes, including decorating, repairing, equipping and so on.  There are also a lot of tips for you to consult in.

I hope that my posts will be useful for you all and you will get more useful information and have more fun.